Welcome to
Ambleside Baptist Church, formerly known as Riverbend Baptist Church!  We’re so glad you found us and are taking the time to check out the ministry of our church.  Ambleside Baptist Church is a church with more than a dozen nations represented on any given Sunday morning as we gather to worship and celebrate Jesus.

Why the name Ambleside Baptist Church for a church that meets at the Riverbend Community Centre?  We have land in the new area of Ambleside in the Windermere neighborhoods of southwest Edmonton.  We look forward to the day when we’ll have an active, ongoing presence in Ambleside.  Until then, we’d be thrilled to have you come and see what the ministry of our church has to offer you today!

Presently meeting at Riverbend Community Center, Sundays at 10:00 am for the Family Worship Service and classes for ages up to and including Grade 8.


Mailing Address  is P.O. Box 21129 Edmonton, T6R 2V4


Ambleside Baptist
Meeting at Riverbend Community Center
258 Rhatigan Rd. East
Edmonton, AB T6R2P7

Phone: 780-438-5350
Email: info@amblesidebaptist.ca